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For many years, Ideal Digger Hire Essex has provided digger hire services throughout Tilbury. Micro diggers, small diggers, and skid steer loaders are our specialties. We have diggers with capacities ranging from 0.8 to 2 tonnes.

Ideal Digger Hire Essex is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service while keeping our pricing low. Our scheduling crew is so efficient that we guarantee that if your digger does not come within 60 minutes of the agreed-upon booking slot, we will give you with a digger free of charge for the day.

Contact us immediately for more information on digger hire in Tilbury or any of our other services.

Long-Term Digger Rental Discounts

Our diggers are usually rented on a daily basis, but we give a significant discount if you hire them for a week or longer. Within the business, Ideal Digger Hire Essex is regarded for providing some of the most competitive quotes for quality digger rental.

Drop Off Window Of 60 Minutes, If Not It’s Free Of Charge For A Day

We recognise that in order to make money, a construction site must run efficiently, and that when a client pays a fee for a job, time is critical. Our crew allots a one-hour time slot for the delivery of your digger; if we don't make it by that time, the digger is yours for the day.

Modern Excavators With Service Back Up

Our diggers are kept in top shape, and are renewed whenever the warranty expires. Occasionally a breakdown may occur, and in that case, our engineers aim to be on site within one working day to repair or arrange for a replacement.


Reasons To Use Our Affordable Mini Digger Rentals Throughout Tilbury

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Ideal Digger Hire Essex provides mini digger rentals throughout Tilbury. Our Mini Digger collection is ideal for minor construction and gardening applications with limited access. Hiring one of our Mini Diggers is a very cost-effective method to get a lot of work done quickly. The Mini Digger is extremely portable and can be manoeuvred through confined locations with ease. Our Mini Diggers can fit through holes as small as 700 millimetres, making them the ideal solution for clients with limited mobility.


Tilbury's Leading Micro Digger Hire Providers

The micro excavator is small and powerful, allowing users to work in even the smallest of locations, such as backyards and within buildings. Despite the fact that it is a little excavator, it has a lot of power. Micro diggers in Tilbury drastically reduce the amount of time and work required for labor-intensive digging projects.


Affordable Skid Steer Hire

Ideal Digger Hire Essex is the best site in Tilbury and the nearby areas to hire skid steer excavators. We provide a big selection of skid steer loaders that can be delivered to your home or job site in a matter of days. We have extensive expertise dealing with a diverse spectrum of clients, ranging from large corporations to individuals. Read what our previous clients had to say about our skid steer diggers and overall service. Regardless of the client's needs, we are confident in the reliability and safety of our service, and we stand behind the quality of our equipment and level of service.


What Diggers Do We Offer in Tilbury?

Ideal Digger Hire Essex has a wide range of Digger options to pick from. Micro diggers to skid steerers are among our digger options.


Skid steer loaders were invented by Bobcat, and the company has been producing them for over 60 years. They've established a reputation for excellence, performance, and dependability. Bobcat attachments are available on several Bobcat skid-steer types, making them strong jobsite tools. When you enter the cab, you'll immediately see how much better this machine is than the competitors. This technology was designed to raise the bar in every way possible, delivering increased productivity where it is most needed.


It's a compact mini excavator with great potential. It's a small excavator with outstanding power when you need it. Every equipment we build for our customers is designed to give the best levels of comfort and precision available in the industry. Productivity can be increased significantly with the help of this small equipment.


Micro Diggers can assist in gaining access to areas that would be difficult to reach with manual work. You can go through even tighter spaces and navigate narrower passageways with Zero Tail Swing. It has the most flexibility for slewing and depositing spoil, as well as the best wear and tear resistance.

Small Digger Hire in Tilbury: The Best Option

Hire a great digger In Tilbury and other adjacent regions, Essex offers a large choice of mini diggers, excavators, and plant equipment. We provide a large selection of diggers and plant hire machines that can be rented and delivered swiftly to your job site or house. Commercial contractors and do-it-yourselfers have rented a variety of excavators from us. Examine our customer reviews to ensure that you are satisfied with the excellent quality of our diggers and service. Our excavators range in size from micro diggers to 2 tonne excavators.

Among the Highest-Quality Digger-Hire Organizations

You deserve the best Tilbury diggers for your building job. As soon as you contact us, our experts will carefully assess your requirements and recommend the appropriate excavator for your needs. Our high-end diggers come with a number of options and are well-kept. Micro diggers are suited for situations where a full-sized hydraulic digger would be impractical. We have a variety of inexpensive diggers to select from, whether you need one for a day, two days, or a week. If you require additional information, we may supply it upon request.

More Information About Tilbury

Tilbury is a town in the borough of Thurrock, Essex, England. The present town was established as separate settlement in the late 19th century, on land that was mainly part of Chadwell St Mary. It contains a 16th century fort and an ancient cross-river ferry.

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Other Types Of Diggers We Supply In tilbury


Types Of Diggers

Crawler Digger

Mining, landscape grading, and trench digging are all examples of applications.

Pros: It's great for rough terrain.

Cons: It is more time consuming than a wheeled excavator.

The crawler excavator (also known as the conventional excavator) is so named because it travels on two revolving tracks rather than wheels, similar to how a tank does. The crawler is powered by hydraulics, and while it is slower than a wheeled excavator, it is more stable due to its tracked chassis. The crawler excavator's chain wheel design allows it to balance better on uneven ground, which makes it an excellent choice for steep, rugged, or muddy terrain.


Tracked Digger(Excavator)

The tracked digger(excavator) is mostly intended for excavating. It can also undertake demolition and quarry work if equipped with a hammer, crusher, or shear. All of these things can be done by a wheeled excavator, but it can also accomplish them on hard surfaces that a tracked equipment would otherwise ruin. Wheeled excavators can now work in metropolitan areas, on paved roads, on construction slabs, and in parking lots.

Wheeled excavators can not only dig and demolish, but also move concrete barriers, remove ditches off the road, mow, cut asphalt, and grind trees with various attachments. Most American contractors use a backhoe for mid-sized construction projects in metropolitan areas, however a backhoe has a longer, narrower footprint, less reach, power, and dig/lift capacity than a wheeled excavator.

The most well known supplier of tracked diggers is JCB.


Wheeled Excavators

Use for: Jobs that require you to work on a flat/hard surface.

Pros: Moving on concrete is quick and simple.

Cons: It is ineffective in muddy or hilly terrain.

The wheeled excavator is similar to the crawler (regular) excavator, except instead of tracks, it has wheels. The wheeled excavator is best used on asphalt or concrete because it has less traction than the regular excavator.

The wheeled excavator is faster than a crawler while operating on a smooth, firm surface. It is not suitable for locations with soft soil or hills and slopes. It's also more manoeuvrable.

The most well known supplier of tracked diggers are Hitachi and Caterpillar.

wheeled excavator

Suction Excavators

Fragile digging work, debris cleanup, and subsurface constructions are all possible applications.

Advantages: Reduces the risk of causing damage to the surrounding region or subterranean utilities.

Cons: Because the suction pipe is typically only 30 centimetres (one foot) in diameter or less, it is not suitable for large-scale applications.

Suction excavators, sometimes known as vacuum excavators, have a suction pipe that acts as a high-pressure vacuum. The suction mechanism, which works in unison with a built-in water jet, quickly sucks up soil and debris at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.

Suction excavators are frequently used by construction organisations for works that require cautious and precise excavation, as they can reduce the risk of area damage by half.

Long Reach Excavators

Use in difficult-to-reach locations.

Pros: It features a long extended arm that makes excavating from a safe distance easier.

Cons: The lengthy arm makes excavating in confined spaces impossible.

The long reach excavator, as the title suggests, has a long arm and boom. The extensible arm on a long reach excavator has a range of 40 to 100 feet, allowing it to reach work zones that are more than 100 feet away horizontally.

This excavator is designed for works when the terrain or construction site prevents the machine and operator from coming too near to each other, such as site clearing over a river or lake.

Long Reach Excavators

Hydraulic Shovels

Mining and heavy digging projects are examples of applications.

It has a powerful engine and a high bucket capacity, which are both advantages.

Cons: It's a little too big for a lot of jobs.

Hydraulic shovels, often known as power shovels, are the most powerful excavators. While the hydraulic shovel is most usually associated with mining projects, it can be used for any job that involves substantial lifting and transporting of large boulders, minerals, or other heavy objects or commodities.

Hydraulic Shovels

Dragline Excavators

Deep pile driving, harbour construction, surface mining, deep excavation, road excavator, and under-water activities are all applications for this machine.

Pros: Dragline excavators can dig to a depth of up to 65 metres (213 ft).

Cons: Due to its big size and rigid design, it can only be used for specialised tasks.

The dragline excavator is bigger than a regular excavator. What's more, it works in a different way. To raise and lower the bucket and draw it toward the driver, the dragline uses a hoist rope system and a dragline.

This excavator's hoist/dragline mechanism makes it perfect for underwater excavation.


Skid Steer Loaders

Site clearance, debris removal, and pool cleaning are all examples of applications.

Pros: Because of its tiny size, it's great for tight spaces or job sites with limited space.

Cons: Because a skid steer is on wheels rather than a track, it may struggle to handle uneven, muddy, sandy, or icy terrain.

The most significant distinction between a skid steer and a regular excavator is that the boom and bucket of a skid steer face away from the operator.

Small projects and domestic construction are common uses for skid steers.

You can find amazing diggers with JCB and Bobcat.

skid steer loader bobcat

Digger Accessories

Digger Bucket

The most frequent excavator attachment is buckets. They're great for digging and scooping because of their steel bodies and teeth-like edges. Buckets for grading stones (the ditching bucket) and digging trenches are the two most popular types of buckets (the trenching bucket). When determining the bucket to buy or rent, keep in mind the soil conditions and any additional equipment you might require, such as couplers. Take a look at some great Bobcat buckets.

digger bucket


Augers are a type of attachment that is used to drill holes in the earth. They dig big holes quickly and efficiently, thanks to hydraulic circuits. Augers are available in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 50 inches in length and have a digging depth of up to 32 feet. Checkout a Bobcat Auger.



Breakers, which resemble a larger version of a jackhammer, are used to pound through stone, boulders, and concrete.



Thumbs are ideal for materials that are too big for a bucket, such as a tree stump or a slab of concrete. They're simple to put on and take off.



Couplers make swapping out attachments much easier and faster. A coupler can save time, money, and people if a work necessitates frequent attachment adjustments.


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